Magnetics Laboratory

The mandate of Dr Senoy Thomas's research group is to work on materials such as magnetic nanostructures, nanocomposites, and hybrid magnetic thin films for applications such as high-density data storage, spintronics, and permanent magnets. Investigations on magnetocaloric effect (MCE) of various transition metals oxides for MCE applications are also underway. The magnetic and structural properties of these materials are studied to understand the underlying principles of physics and also for tailoring devices for applications. A fully- fledged Magneto Optics (MO) Laboratory is also set up to study linear dichroism, birefringence, and Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE) of ferrofluid thin films and layered magnetic thin films. Infrastructure facilities are also created to grow magnetic thin films. At present, the technique of DC sputter deposition is employed to deposit thin films on various substrates.

Members: Dr. Senoy Thomas