Introducing MatLab

Soft Skill Training for MSc, MPhil and Early PhD Scholars

Introducing Matlab - Dr. Rhine Kumar

The department is providing basic soft skill training for MSc, Mphil and early PhD students. The training program has started in the academic yaer 2018-19 and has been conducting in every academic year since then. The goal of the soft skill training is to equip our students and young researchers with modern tools and techniques that will immensely help them to progress in their academic and non- academic career. Another computation software prominent among the scientific community is the Matlab. Dr. Rhine Kumar A. K. chaired a session on Matlab to introduce the various possibilities of this programming and numeric computing platform. The workshop was held on 14.02.2019, 2.30 pm. The opportunity to scale the analyses to run on clusters, GPUs, and clouds with only minor code changes was also discussed.