Research Training School in Physics

The research training school is an annual event organised to train post graduate students of Physics in some relevant research fields, by Department of Physics, Cochin University of Science and Technology. The school is open to students outside the Department. Participants are allowed to interact with experts in the field. RTSP 2020 was conducted from 27-02-20 to 29-02-20, with about fifty nine Master students from outside the department, forty Master and five M.Phil. students from within the Department. The programme was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) K. N Madhusoodanan, Hon. Vice-Chancellor, Cochin University of Science and Technology and presided over by Prof. M K Jayaraj, Head of the Department of Physics. Sessions from the forenoon were lectures by eminent speakers (scientists and academicians) from various National institutions and professors from the Department, wherein they shared their expertise with the students, answering their queries through interactive sessions. Dr. Mashood K. K. (HBCSE, TIFR, Mumbai), Dr. Christie Thomas Cherian (Christ University, Bangalore), Prof. Sriramkumar L. (IIT Madras), Prof. P. S. Anil Kumar (IISC Bangalore) were some of the experts present during RTSP. The topics covered ranged from basic fundamental Physics to advanced levels, combining both experimental and theoretical fields. There were dedicated sessions on Physics education research and career options for Research students in India and abroad. The three day school gave brief overviews on different topics like advanced quantum materials, mass transport in 2D materials, photovoltaics and cosmology. Afternoon sessions were designed to give the participants an opportunity to spend hands on time in the state of the art research laboratories of the Department. The students were taken for a visit to various research labs in the department – magnetism lab, applied optics lab, thin film photovoltaics lab, division for research in advanced materials, optoelectronic devices lab nano - functional materials lab, solid state physics lab and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy lab. The students were familiarised in the various synthesis, characterization and device fabrication techniques in these labs. The focus of the school is to nurture scientific temper in contemporary areas of research, aiding the students to identify and choose their fields of interest.