Prasad V. V

Assistant Professor

Interaction among a large number of constituents usually show interesting emergent properties, cru- cial in making the physical world as we observe. Such systems could be broadly classified into two: one kind of interaction satisfies the ‘equilibrium dynamics’ and the other, satisfying the so called ‘away from equilibrium’ dynamics. Unlike equilibrium systems, the non-equilibrium systems are not known to possess any general framework. Our primary focus is on studies of such systems. We are particularly motivated to look at various emergent phenomena in soft as well as living matter. We intend to under- stand their non-trivial characteristics using simplified model systems, often exact, keeping the essential features intact. A question that is being looked at centers on dissipative gases, which do not conserve kinetic energy upon collision, and one seems to observe a larger share of high energy particles com- pared to those in molecular gases.

Non-equilibrium systems, Soft condensed matter, Statistical Physics, Theoretical physics

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