Intense Laser Interactions (ILAI) Group

Intense laser interaction with matter is interesting from fundamental and technological points of view. At the focus of the existing nanosecond Nd:YAG laser, the power densities can be more than 10 Giga Watt per centimetre squared, capable of instant evaporation and ionisation of solids and heating it to an electron temperature of more than 10,000 K, more than the surface temperature of the Sun. Intense LAser-matter Interactions (ILAI) group led by Dr Riju Issac and his team perform fundamental as well as applied research on such laser-produced plasmas. A new addition to the Department will be a chirped-pulse amplified (CPA) ultra- short laser system with intensity capability up to 10 to the power 16 Watt per centimetre squared and shorter than 50 fs pulse width. This will be an interdisciplinary (Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Polymer Science, Biotechnology, and Photonics) facility, part of the prestigious Chancellor's award secured by the University for the year 2020. The plasma temperature at the focus of this ultra-fast laser could be up to a million kelvin and becomes a point source of ultrashort x-ray bursts suitable for x-ray tomography. The facility will be ideal for direct laser 3D printing biocompatible scaffolds and the preparation of photonic structures.