Nano Functional Materials

Nano Functional Materials Laboratory (NFM), led by Prof Junaid Bushiri, is focused on the development of nanostructured functional materials for photoluminescence applications, photocatalytic water purification, hyperthermia, anti-reflective and super hydrophilic functional coatings, SERS applications, electrochemical sensing applications, bio- photonics, nanophosphors, bio-imaging, magnetic resonance imaging applications, etc. Physical and optical properties of functional nanomaterials of Fe2O3, Fe3O4, nickel ferrite, zinc ferrite, zinc stannite, NiO, SnO2, etc., with various sizes and shapes, have been investigated by the research group who identified several promising technological applications of these nanomaterials. Nano functional materials with different morphologies have been synthesized by crystal growth processes such as hydrothermal method, combustion process, chemical route, microwave synthesis method, etc. The researchers also focus on developing inexpensive TCOs in thin films by employing the spray pyrolysis technique, which is in extreme demand in electronic industries for flat panel displays, photovoltaics, thin-film solar cells, etc. Besides, nano-arrays of functional materials in nanocones and nano-obelisks were prepared using the spray pyrolysis technique. Their unique functional applications in anti-reflective coatings and SERS sensing have been investigated. The crystalline structures of several biological materials have also been the focus of interest, which have been investigated by single- crystal XRD, Laser Raman and infrared spectroscopic techniques to fabricate devices using biomaterials.

Members: Dr. Sabeena M, Dr. Junaid Bushiri, Dr. Aldrin Antony, Dr. Asha A. S., Dr. Senoy Thomas