High Energy Physics

Cochin University of Science and Technology is one of the Institutions Collaborating on R&D for Accelerator Physics and High Energy Physics Project under the Memorandum of Understanding between US Universities & Accelerator Laboratories and Indian Universities & Accelerator Laboratories. As a part of this program, the DST, Government of India has sanctioned a project entitled "Collaboration by Indian Physicists on Neutrino Project at Fermilab, USA" to collaborate on various Neutrino Physics-related experiments at Fermilab. Prof Brajesh Choudhary, Delhi University, is the Spokesperson for this project. Under this collaboration program, research scholars and faculties from Cochin University of Science and Technology can participate in various collaboration experiments related to the Fermilab neutrino program. The financial support for this program is provided by DST, the Government of India and Fermilab. CUSAT-Fermilab collaboration has been initiated with the support and help from the late Dr Rajendran Raja, a Senior Scientist at Fermilab. The students from CUSAT are now actively engaged in their research investigations with Fermilab scientists.

Members: Dr. Rhine Kumar, Dr. Ramesh Babu, Dr. Titus K Mathew