Statistical Mechanics of Soft Condensed Matter

Dr Benjamin is interested in understanding the Equilibrium and Non- Equilibrium behaviour of Soft Matter Physical systems from a Statistical Mechanics perspective. He works in two areas of Statistical Mechanics:Noise-induced phenomena and the Physics of Nucleation and Crystallization phenomena. Noise, while generally seen as having a destructive effect, can sometimes play a constructive role, such as in the movement of tiny motors in the nanoscale world, known as Brownian motors. At these small length scales, the behaviour of stochastic systems has to be understood in the framework of Stochastic Thermodynamics. In his research group, they apply theoretical approaches from Stochastic methods and computer simulations to investigate such systems. Another topic of fundamental interest in the Statistical mechanics of Soft Matter systems is the Physics behind the nucleation of a liquid to a solid. The group is interested in how the microscopic interactions between individual particles influence the nucleation process and the underlying phase behaviour of a substance. The group is actively engaged in investigating this topic through Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations. They are also interested in the Statistical Mechanics of other Soft Matter systems such as Self Propelled particles (Active Matter), Polymer- nanopore systems, Liquid Crystals, etc.

Members: Dr. Sasidevan V, Dr. Ronald Benjamin, Dr. Prasad V V