Theoretical Nuclear Physics

In the quest for understanding the nature and laws of physics governing most of it, one has to face various challenges in the microscopic or the quantum regime. At the fundamental level, these challenges are often linked to our knowledge about the underlying forces. Such a link is not so unparallel in the case of many-body systems. In the nuclear many-body problem, one additional challenge is to pin down the nature of the nuclear force, which is ever-intriguing. With a wealth of data available at several domains of nuclear physics, it is often feasible to validate the models representing the nature of the nuclear forces. This validation can be robust if the nuclear models are applicable over various domains of nuclear physics. The leading research of Dr Rhine Kumar and his team is to construct state-of-the-art theoretical tools to study the several aspects of nuclei at extremes of temperature, angular momentum and isospin.

Members: Dr. Rhine Kumar, Dr. Ramesh Babu, Dr. Titus K Mathew