Gravity and Cosmology

The group led by Prof Titus K Mathew investigates the emergent nature of gravity and the recent acceleration of the Universe. Following the intriguing connection between gravity and thermodynamics, it was proposed that gravity could be an emergent phenomenon. It was also suggested that the expansion of the Universe as the emergence of space. Following these, they investigate in- depth to determine the connection between thermodynamics laws and the law of expansion. Another area of their work is related to the recent acceleration in the expansion of the Universe. His team is trying to understand the possibilities of causing this acceleration using the viscous nature of matter. They model a time- dependent cosmological parameter to get the possible connection between the early inflation and the late acceleration of the Universe. These works are done in collaboration with IUCAA Pune. Another prominent field of engagement is the neutrino physics experiment. Under the Centre for Particle Physics attached to the Department of Physics, the team collaborate with the Fermilab, USA.

Members: Dr. Titus K Mathew, Dr. Charles Jose