Department of Physics of the Cochin University of Science & Technology came into existence at the Ernakulam Centre of the Department of Physics of the University of Kerala in the year 1963. Prof. K. Venkateswarlu was the founder Head of this Department. In 1971, it became part of the University of Cochin, which was later re-organized in to a full-fledged University of Science & Technology. The Department, right from its inception was committed to excel in its post graduate teaching and impart state-of- the- art research training to students who opt for advanced studies in Physics. The Department has hitherto continuously maintained a creditable record of post graduate teaching and research in Physics. Over the years, the eminent faculty members of the Department have put in relentless efforts to maintain the high standards of post graduate teaching and nurture a unique research culture compatible with international standards. The unique style of teaching and the rich research culture developed have made the Department the dream destination of the young generation of Kerala to pursue higher studies in Physics. The Department has produced about 205 PhDs and close to 1100 research publications in leading international/national journals. Today the Department of Physics is well known within India and abroad for its commendable contributions in teaching and research. During its existence for the last 53 years, it has made rapid strides in the realm of research both in experimental and theoretical physics. The Department has produced innumerable illustrious alumni and they are all well placed in different spheres of life throughout the globe. It is highly prestigious for the Department to have Prof.Gopakumar.A. and Dr.Arun. K.G as its laudable alumni who are presently among the highly distinguished, world renowned astrophysicists involved in the recent (September 2015), historic LIGO experiment for the detection of gravitational waves.

The Department offers post graduate programmes of M.Sc. (Physics) and M.Phil (Physics) and research programme leading to Ph.D degree. Admissions to these programmes are through competitive entrance examinations. The Department is supported under the FIST programme of DST and the SAP and CAS programmes of UGC for strengthening the research activities. The support under these two schemes for the current year is worth 2.8 crores rupees.. The Department is the recipient of generous financial assistance in the form of sponsored projects from various government agencies including. UGC, AICTE, IUCAA, DST, DRDO, CSIR, IUAC, DAE, KSCSTE, MNRE, BRNS and ISRO and sponsored research projects worth Rs.185 lakhs are presently running in the Department.

The Department is well supported by a team of teaching, non-teaching and technical staff with the full co-operation of students. The faculty members of the Department are routinely engaged in active collaborative research with their counterparts at the national and international levels and also with the sister Departments of the University. Some of the leading national institutions with which they interact are NCL, Pune; NIIST, Trivandrum; Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi; IGCAR, Kalpakam; VSSC, Trivandrum; IUCAA, Pune and IIT, Mumbai The Department has on-going collaborative research programmes with faculty members from NTU, Singapore; NUS, Singapore; Rice University, USA , Toyo University, Japan; Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and IWATE University, Japan. Steps are afoot to protect the intellectual property rights of the Department. Recently, the technology transfer of the holographic recording material developed in the Department has been made to a company based in Thiruvananthapuram. Five Indian patents have also been filed related to the innovative research outcomes of the Department. The Department intends to take a lead role in the revolutionary changes envisaged to occur in the 21st century in the realm of science in general and physics in particular.
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