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SPIE-Discussion forum conducts weekly informal discussion on various current research topics by the research students of the Department of Physics.


Date Resource Person

Discussion Topic

10 Aug. 2012 Prof. V.  C.  Kuriakose Higgs Boson
20 Feb. 2009 Prof. V.  C.  Kuriakose Impact  of  Astronomy  in  Society
12 Dec. 2008 Prof. Ramesh  Babu  T Nature works in strange ways
24 Oct.  2008 Prof. V.  C.  Kuriakose Physics of LARGE  HADRON  COLLISION

  1 Sep. 2008

Saji K. J.

Amorphous oxide thin film transistors

22 Aug. 2008 Senoy Thomas Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy
24  Mar 2008 Prof. V. C. Kuriakose Elements of Soliton Dynamics
22 Feb.  2008 Senoy Thomas X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
14 Dec. 2007 T.N. Narayanan Current Trends in Magnetism
  7 Dec. 2007 N. Mridhula Quantum Computation
30 Nov. 2007 M. Vivek Active Galactic Nuclei
23 Nov. 2007 R. Sreeja Non-linear optics and Z-scan techniques
13 Nov. 2007 P.M. Aneesh High-Resolution X-ray Diffraction

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