DOP title

National Science Day Celebrations - 2020


Organized By
Department of Physics, CUSAT
In Association with
KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala
DST, Govt. of India
SPIE & ECS Student Chapters, CUSAT.
Date: February 14, 2020


    1. I. Essay Competition and Presentation

Topic: "Women in Science: Challenges and Solutions in the Present Era"

The proportion of women choosing science as a career is much low compared to men in the present world. However the situation is opposite when it comes to the number of women pursuing higher education.

You are expected to

  • Expose the problem in detail with relevant statistics.
  • Suggest novel solutions in the context of India, particularly Kerala.

The essay may be written in English or Malayalam for a maximum of four pages (A4). Selected threev will be called for oral presentation for a duration of 20 minutes (including discussions and questions).

  • Send your essays to in PDF format to
  • Last date for sending essays: 12/02/2020

    1. II. Intercollegiate Science Quiz Competition

  • A team of two students can represent an institution for the competition.
  • Prelims in the Forenoon and Finals in Afternoon.

Interested Candidates can register below

Cash Prize for Quiz Competition Cash Prize for Essay Competition
First prize: Rs. 3000

Second prize: Rs. 2000

Third prize: Rs. 1000

First prize: Rs. 2000

Second prize: Rs. 1500

Third prize: Rs. 1000